Tuesday, June 10, 2014

So It is Summer

Davids Last Week of School Beach Party 2014

So it is summer and I thought I would do a little David catch up. I am also doing some cross blogging this summer. If you read my other blogs, then you possibly caught my post on Summer Blogging. I am going back to my roots of writing, stretching myself a bit and doing a themed summer. David happens to be my Tuesday theme!

Summer so far is off to a pretty good start. We are in the process of getting our new pool put up as the old pool was destroyed this spring due to a storm. Thank goodness for the generosity of some amazing people, the pool has been purchased, arrived and my back yard is in full pool construction. Between work schedules and weather, it hasn't all gone as fast as my impatient little heart would like, but it is definitely going. Soon David will be doing physical therapy several hours per day and we will all be sunburned and water logged from all of our pool time.

David's ESY (extended school year) has begun and the room which held his hospital bed for well over five months is now once again his therapy room. After moving him back upstairs to his bedroom, he fought going back into the therapy room. Apparently he hated all those months in there as much as I did. Once he realized though that there was no hospital bed in there, that it was set up for school and therapy and that he could still go upstairs, he was good with it all.

He has once again mastered the stairs to go up and down. He has his independence back to navigate both the stairs and the house again. He still gets pretty tired and shaky as he gets to the top two steps, but he doesn't give up. I have no doubt that soon he will be scaling them like a pro.

We will be making one of our famous one day round trip adventures to St. Louis at the end of the month. David's Shriners doctor would like to see him there instead of through telemed here in Wichita. Since David broke his leg following his December surgery, there has been a decided change in his left hip. His right leg was the one that broke. I feel like possibly he is throwing that hip to compensate for the discomfort in the broken leg. I am thinking they may fit him in a waste to ankle orthotic to pull the hip down a bit. I am a little  worried after all he has been through, but I refuse to borrow trouble at this point.

He still does his "up downs" with his walker and he is taking more and more steps. His legs remain straight and his feet do not cross. It is literally a beautiful site. He also uses his stander and managed to stay in it for a total of 60 minutes today. Not bad for a kid who started out at five minutes at a time. He is also back to his regular PT (physical therapy) stretching but we will not get him full on PT until after our St. Louis visit.

David is very happy and loving his summer. He is now in full on teenage mode and is not a fan of waking up in the morning. He was kind of spoiled during the time between school being out and ESY starting. Now that he has to get up in the mornings again, he is really not a fan. What can I say? I'm not either.

So there you have it. Life is crazy busy, but no major speed bumps. All is basically well and we are ready for some pool time. If you have a moment and you pray, prayers would be very welcome for our trip to St. Louis. A fixable outcome is what we want. Well that......and David walking by summers end. :) 

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  1. He's a definite rock star ... gets it from his momma...
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